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Sim Gill District Attorney

unnamedSim Gill was elected Salt Lake County District Attorney in November 2010. As a veteran prosecutor, Sim has been a champion on issues of therapeutic justice, criminal prosecution and alternatives to prosecution. He has long been an advocate of taking a systems approach to the issues of criminal and social justice, focusing on collaborative and community-oriented approaches to problem solving.

Sim collaborated on the creation and implementation of various therapeutic justice programs including Mental Health Court, Salt Lake City Domestic Violence Court, Misdemeanor Drug Court, the Salt Lake Area Family Justice Center and the Early Case Resolution program. These alternatives seek to transition out of the criminal justice system those offenders who can most benefit from other programs—giving them a much greater chance to not re-offend.

Sim graduated from the University of Utah with a B.A. degree in History and Philosophy. He received his J. D. degree and certificate of specialization in Environmental and Natural Resources Law from Northwestern School of Law at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon.

Jake Petersen Salt Lake County Sheriff

jakeJake Petersen is a 15 year law enforcement veteran. His experience in the Sheriff’s Office and Unified Police Department (UPD) began as a correctional officer in the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office Metro Jail. He then worked as a Sheriff’s deputy in patrol and as a member of both the 2002 Olympic Public Order and SWAT teams. He enjoyed spending a few years as a school resource officer at Brighton High School where, for his public safety and team building efforts, he was awarded Salt Lake County School Resource Officer of the Year in 2006.

As a leader in policing, Jake has worked as a Supervisor in both patrol and the Sheriff’s Office training unit. As a command-level officer with the Sheriff’s Office and Unified Police Department, he has served as a Watch Commander and as the Executive Officer for Special Operations, where he works currently, which includes K9, SWAT Command, Search & Rescue, Canyon Patrol and the Motor Unit.

In his career, Jake as spearheaded organization-wide projects and initiatives aimed at increasing morale and improving operational effectiveness. He recently served as the Chair of the Salt Lake County Highway Safety Task Force which is comprised of numerous public safety agencies working together to reduce traffic related fatalities.

Jake has earned both a Bachelor of Science in psychology and a Master’s degree in Public Administration. He is currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Utah in the Political Science department with an emphasis on public administration and American government.

A great passion for Jake is working with those in our community who are less fortunate. In 2013 he was recognized as the “Supportive Housing Services Employee of the Year” by the Salt Lake County Homeless Contributing Council for his off-duty volunteer efforts in behalf of the chronically homeless population here in our community. He has spear-headed numerous initiatives aimed at supporting those who struggle with disability and addiction, who are in desperate need of our help.

Jake says, “My greatest joy and fulfillment in life is being a husband to my incredible wife, Shea, and dad to my four young sons. If I’m not swimming, riding bikes, or watching super hero movies with them, you’ll likely find me mountain biking, training for an ultra-marathon, or volunteering with my church. I love God, my family, and my country.

“My upbringing taught me that great things are brought about by arduous teamwork. My training, extensive experience, and education have prepared me to serve as a bold leader. My strong desire to serve others with compassion helps me stay focused on what matters most – people. I have deep desire and determination to make our community safer for your family & friends as well as my own. With your support, I look forward to serving you as your next Salt Lake County Sheriff.”

Mike Fife County Treasurer



· Born in Provo, Utah. Grew up in Norman, Oklahoma. Served an LDS Mission to South Africa.
· BBA-Accounting from the University of Oklahoma, MBA from the University of Richmond.
· Father of five, grandfather of two granddaughters with another grandchild on the way.
· Resident of Salt Lake County since 2001.
· Employee of EDS/HP since 1986, working in corporate finance and accounting and recently in corporate strategy.

Volunteer Activities:

· Current member and past Chair, Salt Lake City Planning Commission
· Treasurer, former President, Zion Summit Homeowners Association
· Volunteer, Pioneer Theater Company
· Volunteer, Healthy Environment Alliance of Utah
· Volunteer, Pride Center Youth Group
· Volunteer, Volunteers of America ESL Program

Plans as Salt Lake County Treasurer:

· Increase Transparency – Work with the Mayor and Council to fund an overhaul of the Treasurer’s website to provide easy to understand information that explains:
o Where the money is invested
o Detailed information on investment quality
o Detailed information on investment return
· Focus on Fairness – Have large delinquent tax payers such as land developers pay a higher rate for taxes owed to Salt Lake County to encourage them get their loans from banks and not from Salt Lake County taxpayers.
· Run an efficient, effective, welcoming office for employees and citizens of Salt Lake County where:
o Women make the same pay for the same work
o People with language and other needs are accommodated and made to feel welcome
o Focus is on both collecting the taxes owed and keeping people in their homes where ever possible.
o Investments are safe, secure, ethical, and transparent

Contact Information – 801-706-2035



Gary Ott has been your County Recorder for the last 13 years. The Recorder’s

Office is the office that records and protects your land records including the title to your home.

Gary has done more to modernize the Recorder’s Office than any previous

Recorder and is a pioneer in implementing technology. He was the first in the state and nation to implement digital recording. He has cut the budget by approximately 37%. He has made the office more efficient and right sized the staff. Over the last 13 years Gary has reduced the number of people in the office by half, all through attrition. Through technology that Gary implemented the office is working smarter and faster.

One of the first things Gary did, as Recorder, was to protect our historical documents, moving them to an atmospherically controlled vault. He also began digitizing all of the documents so the public can view them. Currently all documents are digitized to 1945, with some digitized as far back as the early 1900’s. This digitizing process continues, as budget and time allows.

Gary took a costly website and made it cost neutral, by having those who use it pay for it. Rather than having the tax payers, who don’t use it, pay for it.

More importantly, he did this while protecting your personal information. By having subscribers to the website, it prevents everyone in the world from having access to your personal information such as your address, social security number, birth date, and financial information.

Gary was the first elected official in the county to recognize the need for and implement an off-site backup system for documents to secure your records in case of a disaster at the County Complex. He also directed his IT Staff to create a program whereby notarized copies can be transmitted digitally.

The Recorder’s Office records documents, it doesn’t create documents. If mistakes are made, it is usually by the entity creating the document. Another innovation Gary brought to the office, to improve accuracy, was having his IT staff create software that scans for errors. Since most documents are received and scanned in real time the errors can now be discovered in real time and the title companies or other entities can be contacted to immediately correct the errors prior to recording.

Gary has been exploring the use of credit card (CC) payments within his office. Current state statute and county policy sets the costs of recording each document and provides no provision to collect a surcharge for CC use. Without a substantial change to state statute and agreement among the majority of the 29 counties in the state, the cost of the surcharge would have to be passed on to the taxpayers. Until this is resolved, Gary feels this is an unfair burden to place on the taxpayers who do not use these services or use the convenience of a CC, especially with the number of documents SLCo records each day.

Gary is a Utah native and a Veteran. He is a graduate of Utah State University and earned a Chancellor’s Certificate in Public Administration from the University of Missouri, St. Louis. Gary has owned and operated his own businesses in the private sector.

Gary is a proven fiscal conservative. His philosophy is to be as careful with your tax dollars, as he is with his own money.

Gary was voted the 2014 Best of State Winner for Elected Officials.

Micah Bruner County Council At Large A

Micah Bruner PhotoMy name is Micah Bruner. I am an attorney and I own my own small practice in Sandy. I represent small Utah businesses wherein I serve as general counsel. In that capacity, I monitor and review the organizations’ day to day operations for potential legal issues, and ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. I also screen potential clients of the businesses for any legal risk, and verify that such are conducting themselves in compliance with all applicable law. Beyond this, I also represent a number of other clients on matters ranging from probate to litigation concerns.

I attended law school at BYU after finishing my undergraduate studies at the University of Utah. Upon graduation, I had the wonderful opportunity of spending a year in Alaska clerking for a judge on the Alaska Superior Court. My family and I had many great experiences there, and we had the option of staying to pursue my career and to make our lives in Fairbanks. However, we were anxious to be back in Salt Lake, so we returned when my clerkship was over.

My wife and I both grew up here. I was raised in the Marmalade District, and she in Magna. We have been married for 14 years, and we have three young children. We now reside in West Valley City. We love it here, and are happy to be raising our family in the same area where we were raised.

Salt Lake County has so many opportunities for its residents. It was important for us to raise our children in an environment where we could experience the arts, the outdoors, sports, and a great sense of community. We enjoy all of that and so much more here. It is my hope, as your councilman, to work to ensure that the tremendous benefits we now enjoy in the valley are around for many generations to come.

We are surrounded by excellent people here. Businesses relocate to the Salt Lake Valley because we are generous, hardworking, and productive. I believe we need to make working for the county government an attractive prospect for those who possess these characteristics.

This means ensuring that we are providing a marketable wage, a sufficiently sized staff to tackle the work load of each office, and an environment that makes working for the county enjoyable. The result will be that we have the best people working for the government and that we are delivering a quality service to Salt Lake County residents.

I ask you to support my campaign for Salt Lake County Council and I ask for your vote on November 4th.

If you have any questions, you can find me online at, you can email me at

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