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UAGEWhen you join UAGE you are joining with many other public employees in Utah to create positive change where we work. It has been far too long since public employees in Utah have had a strong voice to represent their interests. UAGE is a Union bringing the interest of all Utah Public employees to the forefront of elected official and administrators’ to ensure are dignity and respect back your workplace.

The Vision of UAGE

The Vision of UAGE is to bring dignity and respect to the working lives of all Utah Public employees

The Mission of UAGE

Our Mission is to improve and protect public employee jobs, salaries, benefits, and working conditions through the establishment of fair market comparisons, equitable employee policies and procedures, effective political action and professional representation.

The Plan of UAGE

Our Plan begins with the statement “knowledge and understanding is power.” Because of this fact, it is critical that a comprehensive Educational Program be established and promoted. UAGE has developed several training opportunities for our members. Through this training and educational process, UAGE will empower, unify, and mobilize public employees, UAGE Staff members, and the community to pursue like-minded goals. Training subjects include:

Leadership – Compensation and Budget – Legislative Process
Employee Rights – Communications – Political Action
Member Involvement – Community Networking – Mobilization

A Partnership with UAGE

Pay, Benefits, and working conditions are seriously eroding for Utah Public employees. Merit protections are systematically being eliminated. What will happen if you do nothing? You know the answer.

The Utah Alliance of Government Employees is an employee union created in 1998 to give public employees in Utah a better choice of employee organizations to join. UAGE was formed by your co-workers to effectively and professionally represent, protect, and promote the work related interest of all state, county, and city employees in Utah.
With your help, UAGE will provide a strong collective voice for all Utah Public Employees by fostering a spirit of unity, integrity, and personal empowerment for all our members.

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Every member counts! You and your co-workers are UAGE and every new member builds the strength to effectively represent and bargain for fair wages, benefits, and working conditions. As your employee organization grows we will begin to see more of the positive changes you and your co-workers desire. We will again seek the dignity and respect at work we all deserve.

Membership dues

Membership dues are one have of one percent of your wages for Non-Sworn Officers and seven tenths of one percent for Sworn Officers. Dues are generally deducted from your paycheck. Dues are used to support your Union by hiring staff for training, lobbying, and organizing efforts. UAGE is a nonprofit organization and all dues collected are used in representing your interests.

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When you join UAGE it gives all of us a stronger voice to positively change our wages, hours, and working conditions. Fill out the form below and become a member.
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Sworn Officers pay an additianal two tenths of one percent for the PORAC program

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