UAGE asked for a 1% longevity – and we got it.


After weeks of discussions, the Salt Lake County Council voted to approve the Mayor’s proposal with very little change.

The County Council approved a 2.75% pay increase for the majority of the employees; this would exclude those who are capped or redlined, those who received below a three on their annual performance reviews, and those on long-term disability or probation. Employees new to the county in 2014 will receive a prorated amount.

There will be a 5% increase on insurance this year. Along with this, employees on the traditional insurance will be asked to pay 100% of their pharmacy until their deductible is met. And Human Resources will be including some new options for voluntary insurance programs.

Additionally, UAGE asked that those red-lined or capped not be punished for having seniority. UAGE asked for a 1% longevity – and we got it.

The Sheriff was granted the option to switch up the compensation. The same moneys will be distributed but they will be moving some dollars around while the Sheriff works to keep his commitment to his employees.

Although UAGE did not receive everything requested, we are happy with the finished results of the 2015 budgets.

The public hearing for the budget will be held on December 9th at 6pm in the Council chambers.

As always, we will encourage the Mayor’s office and the County Council to always put the employees first.

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