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Sherrie Swensen – Salt Lake County Clerk

Sherrie Swensen – Salt Lake County Clerk

Sherrie Swensen photoI have been honored to serve the citizens of Salt Lake County and I hope to continue in that service where I oversee the Marriage, Passport, Council Clerk and Election Divisions. As County Clerk, I have greatly expanded voter registration opportunities by implementing voter outreach drives at high schools, senior citizen centers and events. By offering a Permanent Vote-by-Mail Program, which now includes over 125,000 voters, and establishing numerous early voting locations, I have made it convenient and accessible for our citizens to vote.
My office website ( contains valuable information where voters can check their registration status, view a sample ballot for their precinct, find their Election Day polling location, track their vote-by-mail ballot, obtain a marriage license application, etc.
In 2014, I spearheaded legislation, Senate Bill 36 sponsored by Senator Karen Mayne, to protect voter registration records from being published on the Internet. I also proposed and lobbied for the passage of legislation in 1994, Emergency Absentee Ballots, which allows people who have been confined to a hospital or care center on Election Day to have a family member hand-carry a ballot to them. I asked for legislation to be sponsored and lobbied to change the State’s marriage law. After only three months in office, I realized there was a problem with Utah’s marriage law when a fourteen year-old was brought to Utah from Texas to marry a fifty-six year old man. I immediately asked for a legislative bill to be sponsored to change the existing law. After the law was changed, it required that a fourteen or fifteen year old interview with a juvenile court judge to determine if they were voluntarily entering into the marriage. Prior to the adoption of the new State Law, Utah was one of only three states in the Nation that allowed a child to marry with the consent of only one parent. Finally, the law was changed again in 1999 so fourteen year olds can no longer marry in Utah.
It is imperative to elect a county clerk who is experienced and dedicated to ensuring that elections are conducted efficiently, securely, openly and honestly. I would like to continue to serve the citizens of Salt Lake County and I am reapplying for my job.

Wanda Amann County Clerk

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Who is Wanda Amann?

Wanda Amann received her BS in Economics from the University of Utah in 1989 while working full time.

Her professional background includes:

Landlord and Property Manager

National Sales Manager, Frito-Lay

Regional Sales & Marketing, for Monsanto Nylons

Customer Service & Inventory Manager, Sales Management and Product Development, Huish Detergents

Retail Store Manager, Sherwin-Williams

With over 30 years of business experience, Wanda knows the best practices for managing efficient organizations, particularly in the customer service areas of communications and marketing.

In addition, Wanda has invested hundreds of hours in civic service. She is uniquely qualified to oversee the County elections and services as evidenced by her significant involvement with the 2012 national political campaign in UT, CO, NY, IA, MO and NV. Wanda supervised 15 polling locations for three weeks and 34 precincts for the Presidential Caucus. All of her activities were entirely self-funded.

Wanda Amann will use her skills, knowledge, and resourcefulness to build public confidence and trust in the County Clerk’s office. It will be a pleasant place to work and to visit for our county’s residents during some of the most important events of their lives. She will be loyal and accountable to the taxpayers and voters in Salt Lake County. As your new Salt Lake County Clerk, Wanda will bring the energy and passion of a new generation to the job.

What does she want to do?
As your next County Clerk, Wanda Amann will give you, the VOTER:
Voting that is secure, flexible and convenient
Operations that are fair and cost-effective
Trust through transparent and dependable processes
Excellent customer service and communication
Reliable results from modern technology
How is she going to do it?

Wanda will maintain integrity in the County’s election process to ensure the security of voter information and election results. She plans to minimize polling location changes to reduce voter confusion and misdirection. She will continue to promote vote-by-mail and early voting as methods to increase voter participation.

Wanda will lead by example to ensure the responsibilities of the Office are fulfilled honestly and fairly. She will develop knowledgeable, cross-trained teams that are more effective and responsive to your needs. She will recognize and reward innovation and efficiency among staff. Wanda will spend your tax dollars wisely by using sound business practices.

Trust in the election process is suffering. Voter turnout is at an all-time low. Nearly one half of registered voters do not cast a ballot. Wanda will help voters during the decision-making process by establishing a non-partisan one-stop information site about candidates that is timely, accessible, and user-friendly.
No improvements have been made to the voter registration process in four years and she believes we can do better. Nearly one third of the county voting-age population is not registered to vote. Wanda will champion democracy by fostering a service-oriented approach within the Clerk’s office that will promote voter registration in the manner that best suits individual citizens’ circumstances.
Technology has advanced in the eight years since our electronic voting machines were placed in service and they are quickly becoming obsolete and un-repairable. Wanda will apply original thought and managerial skill to effectively spearhead selection and installation of the latest secure election technology at the lowest possible cost. She will defend verification laws and expand the audit of ballot data to ensure election accuracy.

A vote for Wanda on November 4th will bring improvements for you, the VOTER.

Sim Gill District Attorney

unnamedSim Gill was elected Salt Lake County District Attorney in November 2010. As a veteran prosecutor, Sim has been a champion on issues of therapeutic justice, criminal prosecution and alternatives to prosecution. He has long been an advocate of taking a systems approach to the issues of criminal and social justice, focusing on collaborative and community-oriented approaches to problem solving.

Sim collaborated on the creation and implementation of various therapeutic justice programs including Mental Health Court, Salt Lake City Domestic Violence Court, Misdemeanor Drug Court, the Salt Lake Area Family Justice Center and the Early Case Resolution program. These alternatives seek to transition out of the criminal justice system those offenders who can most benefit from other programs—giving them a much greater chance to not re-offend.

Sim graduated from the University of Utah with a B.A. degree in History and Philosophy. He received his J. D. degree and certificate of specialization in Environmental and Natural Resources Law from Northwestern School of Law at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon.

Jake Petersen Salt Lake County Sheriff

jakeJake Petersen is a 15 year law enforcement veteran. His experience in the Sheriff’s Office and Unified Police Department (UPD) began as a correctional officer in the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office Metro Jail. He then worked as a Sheriff’s deputy in patrol and as a member of both the 2002 Olympic Public Order and SWAT teams. He enjoyed spending a few years as a school resource officer at Brighton High School where, for his public safety and team building efforts, he was awarded Salt Lake County School Resource Officer of the Year in 2006.

As a leader in policing, Jake has worked as a Supervisor in both patrol and the Sheriff’s Office training unit. As a command-level officer with the Sheriff’s Office and Unified Police Department, he has served as a Watch Commander and as the Executive Officer for Special Operations, where he works currently, which includes K9, SWAT Command, Search & Rescue, Canyon Patrol and the Motor Unit.

In his career, Jake as spearheaded organization-wide projects and initiatives aimed at increasing morale and improving operational effectiveness. He recently served as the Chair of the Salt Lake County Highway Safety Task Force which is comprised of numerous public safety agencies working together to reduce traffic related fatalities.

Jake has earned both a Bachelor of Science in psychology and a Master’s degree in Public Administration. He is currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Utah in the Political Science department with an emphasis on public administration and American government.

A great passion for Jake is working with those in our community who are less fortunate. In 2013 he was recognized as the “Supportive Housing Services Employee of the Year” by the Salt Lake County Homeless Contributing Council for his off-duty volunteer efforts in behalf of the chronically homeless population here in our community. He has spear-headed numerous initiatives aimed at supporting those who struggle with disability and addiction, who are in desperate need of our help.

Jake says, “My greatest joy and fulfillment in life is being a husband to my incredible wife, Shea, and dad to my four young sons. If I’m not swimming, riding bikes, or watching super hero movies with them, you’ll likely find me mountain biking, training for an ultra-marathon, or volunteering with my church. I love God, my family, and my country.

“My upbringing taught me that great things are brought about by arduous teamwork. My training, extensive experience, and education have prepared me to serve as a bold leader. My strong desire to serve others with compassion helps me stay focused on what matters most – people. I have deep desire and determination to make our community safer for your family & friends as well as my own. With your support, I look forward to serving you as your next Salt Lake County Sheriff.”

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