The fact is women’s wages are less than men’s

apfyouAn article in the Salt Lake Tribune today titled, “Utah women twice as likely as men to get low wages”, really got me thinking about why more people are not running to help their unions. To me it is simple; with unions, better solutions are found.

The fact is women’s wages are less than men’s, this is true whether or not you are in a union, however the gap closes within a union. Non-Union women are paid almost 20 percent less than non-union men. In a Union, the gap closes to 10 percent.

In this case, the problem is women are paid less than men. In the non-union world, a woman is left to figure it out on her own. In the Union world, she has herself and all of her co-workers to work together and figure out the solution. The answer is 24 percent more pay for women, and a smaller wage gap between men and women.

Should a man be worried that if the woman’s wages go up, then men’s wages go down? Fair question, but no worries there. The men’s wages go up as well. On average a non-union median weekly earnings of a full time union man makes $991. His counterpart in the non-union world makes $831.

Outside Forces

You may have heard in the news some of the rhetoric about public employee’s lavish benefits and outrageous wages? You have seen the numbers; lavish is not the word to use.

What you hear in the media and the truth are not always the same. We are all seeing that first hand.
• We know that public employees have seen cut backs and many have not seen a fair wage increase in years.
• We know that the benefit packages for public employees are slowly being whittled away.
• We know that our meager retirement is not lavish as some report.
• We know what used to be secure job seems a little less secure year after year.
So if we know all that, where is the Media getting their misinformation from?

There are national organizations who claim to be tax payer advocacy groups, but they are fighting to cut their corporate taxes at your expense. One of the Largest groups is American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). They are literally a union of corporations. Just a few of their well know members are; 1-800 Contacts, Anheuser-Busch, AOL ,AT&T, Bank of America, CenturyLink, Chevron, Comcast, EBay, ExxonMobil, FedEx, Microsoft, Qwest Communications, T-Mobile, Time Warner, Verizon, and many more.

They propose cookie cutter legislation in all 50 states to slow down your wage increases, cut retirements and benefits, and to privatize many government jobs. These organizations spread so much propaganda it makes it difficult for the public to sift though facts and fiction. They know the power of being unified and while they build their union of corporations, they want to shut your voice down by misleading the media and pushing public support away from you.

That is one of the main reasons it is so important we join together as public employees. We have to drive the bus and not be under the bus any longer. We have the ability to drive public opinion better – because we are the public.

There are over 100000 public employees in Utah. Odds are there is at least one public employee in every community in Utah, maybe one on every street. If we get organized and begin spreading the truth, we can stop the misinformation dead in its tracks.

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