Founding of UAGE

Kevin Schofield, The founder of the Utah Alliance of Government Employees (UAGE), felt we needed a better, more member oriented organization. He had worked with a couple of other employee groups, and although he felt it was very important to belong to an employee organization, he saw major flaws in these organizations that he could not look past. In 1998 he began working with other members from these organizations and created UAGE.

They began UAGE with a simple Vision, “To Bring Dignity and Respect to the Working Lives of all Utah’s Public Employees.” The two words Dignity and Respect cover everything; wages, benefits, and working condition.

When we reach true respect;

  • Decision makers ensure ALL public employees make a livable wage.
  • Decision makers ensure ALL government employees and their family have access to quality and affordable healthcare.
  • Decision makers ensure a quality retirement for all government employees
  • And decision makers ensure a process to allow employees to fairly present grievances they have with their employers with a fair resolution.

It feels like of late that balancing the budget on the backs of employees has become a trend. Public employees understood and often supported helping during the recessionary period in 2008. That time is gone, and decision makers need to restore what was lost.

History has taught us, in most cases, they are not just going to make it right. We have to remind them that it was Utah’s public employees who took the cuts during the recessionary period. And it is Utah’s Public Employees who deserve to be brought up to market values now that the economy is balancing out.

When Kevin started building UAGE, the original members all came in from other employee organizations. Together they took the best ideas from these organizations and weeded out the bad. They all learned firsthand what power UAGE has when we all work together. They created a plan that started with “Knowledge and understanding is power”

This plan empowers members to be in the forefront of UAGE. UAGE work very hard to educate members on their rights and responsibilities. Many members have witnessed the power of working together to create dramatic changes for the better.

We want to invite you to join UAGE and get involved in helping put together education opportunities for all employees. We will be happy to work with your administration to come to your work site and allow all employees to come learn more about UAGE. To get more information send us an email,, we would love to come down to your worksite to begin building a stronger organization.

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