More Heads are Better Than One

On behalf of all of the UAGE members, I want to welcome you to our Website and E-Newsletter and ask you to join with us to help the over 100,000 public employees in Utah has a better quality of work life.

UAGE is an employee organization bringing together government employees to address the general issues.  When UAGE members begin working together, the greater success we have in creating a more positive workplace for everyone. The concept is simple, “more heads are better than one”.

Unfortunately, there is much misinformation and confusion of what UAGE, and organizations like ours are all about.  Our plan is to sift through the myths and allow the truth and common sense to flow to the top. Our founder, Kevin Schofield, built UAGE with the belief that knowledge is power.  With education and training, we will build and maintain the Dignity and Respect of all Utah’s Government Employees.

We cannot answer all the myths at once so I hope you will visit our website often and continue receiving and reading our emails.  It’s together we will be successful, and we need your help.

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