Collective Bargaining Raises Wages

By bargaining collectively, union members are able to negotiate higher wages. Union members earn almost 28 percent more than nonunion members. The union wage benefit is greatest for people of color and women. Latino union workers earn almost 51 percent more than their nonunion counterparts. Union women earn almost 34 percent more than nonunion women. For African Americans, the union advantage is 31 percent. The union advantage for white male workers is almost 21 percent. For Asian American workers the union advantage is close to 1 percent.


Collective Bargaining Raises Wages

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Legislature to consider domestic partner benefits

the Daily Herald

One of Utah’s freshman House members wants to change state law to allow for domestic partner benefits to be offered to state employees.

Rep. Brian Doughty, D-Salt Lake City, has drafted House Bill 64 to allow state employees to claim as a dependent on their insurance anyone older than 18 years of age who has lived in the same residence as the employee for at least 12 months. The adult dependent would have to show they have a common financial obligation as the policy holder, such as sharing a loan or bank account.

The bill essentially creates the ability for gay employees to add their partner to their benefits, but Doughty says the issue is about helping all types of families in Utah, not just gay employees. It could also apply to unmarried heterosexual couples.

“We have various forms of families in Utah,” said Doughty, the Legislature’s only openly gay representative. “Not all Utah families are families with a mother and a father.”

Doughty said he wants the law changed so the state is an actual reflection of its residents. He noted that Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County already offer benefits in this manner and felt the state should do the same.

“I’m looking to Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County for guidance on this,” he said. “They’ve seen it as a morale builder for those who participate in the program.”

The bill may have a tough road ahead; the Republican-dominated Legislature isn’t keen on passing bills that deal with LGBT issues. In the 2011 session state lawmakers killed a bill in committee that would have opened up adoption rights to gay parents. They also let another bill dealing with anti-discrimination ordinances in housing to stay in the Senate Rules committee until the session ended, despite efforts by Democratic lawmakers to bring the bill onto the Senate floor.

“It could cause some legislators to have a little grief with it, but I think it is a good bill,” Doughty said.

House majority leader Brad Dee, R-Washington Terrace, said the GOP caucus has not discussed if it would be willing to pass any bills seen as favorable to the gay community; he noted that Republicans in the House are focused on other items.

“The issues we are mainly concerned with are the budget, and making sure we don’t raise taxes this year, and funding education,” Dee said.

Doughty was unsure of the projected costs of the proposed law as he was still waiting for legislative staff to return a fiscal note on the bill. State lawmakers will have their chance to debate the bill coming up in the state’s 45-day legislative session, which starts Monday.

Legal Shield – A Great Benefit for UAGE Members

In these uncertain times there are occasions in our lives that arise where we need competent legal advise, representation, wills, and identity theft protection. Yet we know the cost of consulting or hiring an attorney is expensive.

UAGE has a discounted membership program to help you with these issues and many more. Take a moment and view the following link,, then contact John as indicated to learn more how you can receive the benefits of this program at a discounted rate because you are a UAGE member.

UAGE Helps Make Ogden City Policy Change

UAGE representatives in Ogden recently requested a change to a City Personnel Policy regarding compensation for the officers who were injured in the line of duty last week. The UAGE request asked for a means to help employees who are unable to use sick or vacation leave have a means to survive financially until they can either come back to work or bridge the time requirements to qualify for Long Term Disability.

Ogden City Administrators reviewed the request and the current policy and practice as it relates to worker’s compensation payments when an employee is off work due to a work related injury. Workers Compensation pays 66% of an employees salary and requires those employees to use sick or vacation time for the remaining 34% in order to receive a full paycheck.

Based on discussions, it was decided that the current Ogden policy will be changed so that the City will make up the remaining 34% for up to 17 weeks, at which time Long Term Disability will kick in if eligible. This change was City wide and removes the need for paid time off donations in cases of on-the-job injuries.

UAGE is proud to have made a contribution of this nature as an expression of our gratitude to the officers involved in the tragic shooting episode in Ogden as well as to all of Ogden’s dedicated, hard working employees.

Donate to Fallen and Injured Officers

The Ogden City Police Department suffered a great loss with the loss of one of its own, in addition to five other officers who were severely injured. The Bank of Utah has set up accounts under each of the officer’s names for any assistance that the public would like to provide.

The Ogden Police Department would like to thank the community for their concern and outpouring of support for the officers and their families. Due to this overwhelming support the Bank of Utah has set up accounts in the names of each of police officers injured in last night’s incident. The names of the Officers are as follows:

All funds raised will be going directly to the officer to whom the funds were donated. Individuals that would like to donate to any of these officers may do so by going to any Bank of Utah location and provide the name of the officer(s).

Agent Jared Francom
Ogden Police Department
Died 1/5/2012
Agent Shawn Grogan
Ogden Police Department
Listed Serious
Agent Kasey Burrell
Ogden Police Department
Listed Critical
Officer Michael Rounkles
Ogden City Police Department
Listed Serious
Sgt. Nate Hutchinson
Weber County Sheriff’s Office
Listed Stable
Agent Jason Vanderwarf
Roy Police Department
Listed Stable
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