What could you do with an Extra $400 a Month

If you listen to the news and radio you have likely heard how public employees draining the states budgets and how taxpayers should be outraged about the public employees salaries.

UAGE decided we needed to stop listening to sound bites and put the facts out on the table.  UAGE went to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to find out how Utah’s public employees compared.

What we found didn’t look good.  Utah State Employees make far less than the national average.
So we needed to ask why such a difference.  The answer was really quite simple.  The stronger presence of a public employee Union – the higher the salaries.

The Bureau of Labor Chart above shows the Median weekly earnings of state employees based on their union membership.

All Employees $829
The first column is ALL the state employees for each category, regardless of their relationship with a Union, to give us a benchmark to work from.

Union Members $922
The second column includes only those who are required to join the union when they get their job at the state.  All the state employees in this category would be a union member and have all the protections from the union and required to pay Union Dues.

Represented By Unions $917
The third column shows represented employees in states that require the union to represent all the employees regardless if they choose to join the unio

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