Legislative Update

This year’s Legislative session started out with a bang as they announced they wanted to cut an additional 7 to 10 percent from the Governor’s proposed budget.  It’s the opinion of UAGE that cutting anymore out of the already trim budgets for state departments results in loss of employees, and cuts the quality of the services provided to the citizens our members serve.

Pay For Performance:
One area they are looking for possible change in implementing a Pay Per Case or Pay for Performance.  This has been trialed in portions of the Department of Workforce Services. The report given from that department said it is working so far with no pay cuts.
ORS seems to be one of the areas where the Pay for Performance is being pushed by this committee.  Mark Brasher reported he did not believe it would work but was asked by the committee to look for ideas on how they might be able to implement it.  UAGE would like to hear from members about their feelings on Pay for Performance.

Paid Time Off:
Senator Liljenquist  is really looking ay implementing this practice and doing a lot of talk about replacing the current leave program with Paid Time Off(PTO).     This better represents the private sector workers.  Any time we hear they want to look more like Private sector we need to watch closely.
There has not been a bill introduced and we have been told we won’t likely see one this year.  However, we should be ready for a surprise near the end of this session or get the information and begin gearing up for next year.

PEHP is taking a pretty good beating this year.  An audit conducted by the offices legislative general council was presented to the retirement committee with unflattering overview of PEAH operation. Over all, it is being said they are not managing their health care their healthcare responsibilities properly.   Right now we are hearing there is a bill to remedy this, however we don’t know what this bill is.  UAGE will continue monitoring possible legislation.
Here are a couple of the bills we are watching;

SB 120: Career Service Amendments
Daniel R. Liljenquist
This bill exempts employees of the Department of Workforce Services, designated as schedule AW, from the career service provisions of the Utah State Personnel Management Act.


UAGE opposes this bill, it is following the process of taking away merit status from more public employees.

SB 127: Post Retirement Employment Amendments
Daniel R. Liljenquist
This bill allows a retiree who begins reemployment with a participating employer on or after  July 1, 2010, to be reemployed within one year if the retiree does not receive any employer paid benefits; and the retiree does not earn more than a certain amount for any calendar year; recalculates the one-year separation requirement if a retiree is reemployed within one year.


UAGE is supporting this bill.

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