UAGE 2010 Christmas Project

It’s the Holiday Season again and there are children in our communities who need our help.  The Alliance (Utah Alliance of Government Employees, UAGE) is asking for your help to make children living in foster homes or receiving foster care have a better Christmas.

We have chosen The Starlight Program as our Community Christmas Project for this year.

The Starlight Program is organizing a Sub-For-Santa for the foster children that they help.  They are a foster care agency providing foster care and clinical services for youth who have been removed from their homes.  The youth they work with have a variety of mental health, emotional trauma, and other abuse and family related issues.  Starlight’s mission is to provide the best treatment available to referred youth and their families using an individualized strength-based approach.

Many of their children do not have families to go home to for Christmas and the Starlight Program is limited in what they can provide.  They are seeking outside sources to ask for assistance and the Utah Alliance of Government Employees will help provide that assistance with your help.

We would like to ask for your donations of any amount within your limitations.  If you are interested in sponsoring a child, wish lists may be provided by calling the number on the attached flier – 801-747-3556.  Any contribution will have a positive impact on providing a wonderful holiday season for the children.

We are suggesting monetary donations in the form of a check made out to the Starlight Program in whatever amount you can afford.  Here are options for getting your donation to the children:

1.   You can mail your checks made out to the Starlight Program to The Utah Alliance of Government Employees, 2022 South 2100 East #103, SLC, UT  84108.

2.  You may also hand deliver your checks to the above address or call one of the phone numbers below to make arrangements with us.

3.   You may contact Ray Lancaster, UAGE President, at the Salt Lake County Treasurer’s Office at the Government Center for hand delivery or to make arrangements with Ray – her phone number is 801-468-3146.

These children need your help.  Not all kids in foster care are in foster homes.  Most are in group facilities and with budget cuts may not receive much if anything for Christmas.  Please reach into your hearts and your wallets for the help these kids desperately need.

Thank you for your kindness and your generosity.

Utah Alliance of Government Employees

P.S. – Have a wonderful Holiday Season.

Protect the Rights of Public Safety Officers

Public safety workers protect us and are there for our communities when we need them most. These hard working and dedicated men and women deserve to have their voices heard on the job. Unfortunately, only 25 states fully protect the right of state and local public safety officers to collectively bargain. This oversight in this country’s fundamental collective bargaining laws can be addressed through Congressional passage of the Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act.

This bill already passed the House and in the Senate it has six Republican co-sponsors.  The only real obstacle it faces is whether a few or even one obstructionist Senator successfully manipulates the Senate rules to prevent the bill from being discussed.

Don’t let this happen.

Watch CWA President Larry Cohen’s video then click here to write your Senators today to ensure that the Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act is debated, voted on, and passed by the U.S. Senate.

Salt Lake County Employees – Health Care Alert


Because of the new health care reform, effective January 1, 2011, there will be a change in what you can purchase with your FLEXS PLAN money. Except for insulin, over-the-counter medications and other supplies will no longer be reimbursed through health care spending accounts. This provision will eliminate reimbursements for things like first aid supplies, allergy and cold medications, and contact lens cleaner unless you can show proof it was prescribed by your health provider. You may want to plan your spending accordingly, purchasing these items prior to January.

effective 11/1/2010 Summit Care has changed Chiropractic Networks. They are actively recruiting chiropractors to their new panel, so if you have ongoing chiropractic needs, make sure you consult Summit Care about your choice of provider. Current printed lists will not be accurate. The most accurate information will be online through


Preferred Care will not be a healthcare option in April 2011. If you are enrolled in Preferred Care, start reviewing your other options.

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