The Real Power of our Union is YOU

The real power of any union is lent to the leadership by the members of the organization.  UAGE is structured to help ensure this power is used effectively and in the best interest of all UAGE members.  This is done by putting you in the driver seat.

UAGE is run by its membership.  This is done by electing your leaders every three years and they determine the day to day operations.  They make the decisions and hire staff to help manage and build our union.

UAGE is in the process of restructuring to add more workplace stewards, mobilizers, organizers, and other representatives.  These will be the eyes and ears of our union ensuring Union in our workplace 24-7.

While the leadership and activist drive our power, it’s the membership behind the activist that energize this power.  Currently less than 20% of public employees belong to any union.  Elected officials and administrators assume when the large majority of employees belong to nothing, they must be content.

Content is not a good place to be, while we have been content we have lost our ability to convert sick leave to health benefits, our retirement has been attacked year after year, and we have not seen a fair pay increase for years.

UAGE has talked with many of the non-affiliated employees and know they are not content.  They are lost in the pile of misunderstandings and confusion.  One of the largest hurdles we must overcome is the misunderstanding of Utah’s Right to work law.  Many believe it’s illegal for a public employee to join a union.  That’s just not correct.  The law states:

§ 34-34-9. Employer not to require person to abstain from union membership.
No employer shall require any person to abstain or refrain from membership in any labor union, labor organization or any other type of association as a condition of employment or continuation of employment.”

Clearly it is misunderstood.

The second hurdle is simply unions are misunderstood.  Many believe that unions are corrupt mafia bosses fighting against the American way of life.  The truth is that a union is simply a group of employees coming together to work toward better wages, benefits, and working conditions.  This is in fact what the American dream is all about.  Bettering our way of life.

As a member you can help by asking those you work with to join with you and the other UAGE members in building a better life for all of us.  Together we have the real power for real positive change.

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