Retirement at Risk

The retirement bills have been taking us on quite a roller coaster ride in 2010.  It started early when Jan Johnson, The UAGE Executive Director, argued against the changes to the retirement system in the two interim committee meetings.  The Utah retirement System is solid and while it may need a few tweaks – it does not need a complete overhaul.

However, the rally help on February 6 (pictured above) clearly stated that public employees want the legislators to keep their hands out of there retirement.  It has been 20 years in the making and all being undone which feels like at a stroke of a pen.

We have since had a committee meeting to move it to the senate floor, there was such a turn out against the bill it required an additional meeting to include the multitude of organizations speaking against the change.  Even in these meeting they were adding additional amendments trying to fix the holes left in the law.

UAGE spoke loud and clear, both in the senate meeting as well as over 170 emails being sent from public employee.  The bills are currently on their way to the senate floor and UAGE members are speaking out.  Go to and send your legislators an email telling them to slow down, leave our retirement alone.

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