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A Powerful, early Legislative story- From UAGE

As our Retirement System hangs in the balance, a UAGE member/Public Safety Officer found a huge problem with one of the retirement bills being proposed this year. It is SB42 and deals with adding 5 more years of service to your career commitment before you could retire with full benefits. UAGE communicated the problem to Senator Dan Lillenquist, sponsor of the measure, to which he replied “Great Catch”. The formula used to identify how much longer you might have to work has now been changed.

Because of this UAGE member, and the power of a collective voice, UAGE was able to bring about a tremendous change even before the Legislative Session began.

We’re not done yet.  There’s more work to do.  Imagine what we can do with more power, more members and a huge Meet and Confer election win on February 17th.

UAGE Benefits:

  • We have a legal defense plan that protects you in all course and scope matters.
  • We have been in the county for many years… FIGHTING FOR YOUR RIGHTS.
  • We are nationally affiliated for the additional power, but all the decisions are made locally.
  • We are ran by you and your co-workers – UAGE is your Union

With UAGE as our Union  – You are part of the process.

If you want to learn more about building your union, please call 801-483-1200 or email us at

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