May Day Rally

UAGE will sponsor a May Day Rally on May 1st, State Capitol South Steps, at noon. The Utah Alliance of Government Employees (UAGE) is sponsoring a May Day Rally, Friday May 1st at the State Capitol South Steps at noon. UAGE would like Governor Huntsman to call a Special Session to reconsider the funding impacts on state employees.  The 2009 Legislature was faced with critical funding losses, resulting in elimination of jobs.  Prior to actually enacting those losses, a special legislative committee was formed to look at options to layoffs.  After several weeks of suggesting and encouraging that there were options, committee members informed UAGE that they could not come to a consensus leaving the decision to “the discretion of each agency”. Here are some problems as UAGE sees them: . Agencies will not handle the shortfall equitably. . Most agencies are not looking at options to layoffs.. DHRM changed the RIF Rule to eliminate seniority, the     reappointment register and bumping rights. Without rules, UAGE is seeing management pick people with 20 years of service or greater.. At least one agency of Human Services is considering privatizing services.  The odd part is that this agency receives 75% of its budget from federal dollars- translated – someone in the private sector will now receive considerable funds because the legislature couldn’t manage to contribute their 25% or $1 state dollar for every $3 federal dollars. A State employee rally has not been held since the early 1980’s.  There hasn’t been a time more crucial to your jobs, your livelihoods or your families than now! You need to do two things;  1)  Come to the Rally tomorrow and be there by 11:45 am.     2)  Join UAGE so your unity and collection of power through numbers matters and helps us help you through these hard times.

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